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The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Community Development Worker, SAQA ID - 97708, NQF 4 with 150 credits.

A Community Development Worker collects and provides relevant information from and to communities and builds social cohesion within the community, in order to support the development and implementation of community development initiatives and processes.
A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Collect relevant community information and provide communities with accurate information relevant to their community development initiatives.
  • Operate effectively in groups, teams and forums and act ethically and professionally in data collection and the coordination of forums and meetings.
  • Communicate the fears, concerns and needs of the community effectively to the relevant institutions, structures and forums.
  • Compile integrated community and household profiles.



    A cornerstone for the success of the National Development Plan is the mobilisation of diverse stakeholders at the various levels of society to build momentum towards the creation and implementation of integrated development plans that are aligned with the National Developmental priorities.

    Achieving this will require the enormous task of mobilising people within the diverse communities throughout the nation. It is for this reason that there is a desperate need to build the capacity of a cadre of energetic and focused Community Development Workers who will be able to collect information, build relationships and mobilise energies towards specific developmental goals that can be delivered in a conducive and sustainable environment.
    The work is being done by volunteers and public servants who have only limited exposure to the long term impacts of a sustainable developmental approach and who lack the broad theoretical basis and specific practical skills required to create real sustainability and focus around the various initiatives.

    This qualification will provide the means through which this cadre can be capacitated and it will enable these critical employees to embark on a career path locally and globally. The qualification will provide opportunities for people into entry level types of occupations in the Department of Social Development and with a range of Non-Governmental Organisations. It will also create opportunities for successful learners to enter the private sector in organisations which do community work in terms of the various industry charters.

    The learners credited with this qualification would include people interested or involved in community development practice and/or initiatives in one or more of the following sectors:
    > Traditional, Local, Provincial and Central Government.
    > Social Development.
    > Youth Development.
    > Education (formal, informal and non-formal).
    > Public Works.
    > Agriculture.
    > Water Affairs and Forestry.
    > Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment.
    > Civil Society Organisations (CBOs, NGOs and FBOs, Foundations and Trusts).
    > Corporate Social Responsibility.
    > Co-operatives.

    This qualification will help learners improve their understanding of the role and responsibilities of community development workers and will enable them to acquire relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to operate in an effective and efficient manner within the community development arena. 


    Programme Purpose:

    The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as an Adult Literacy Teacher.An Adult Literacy Teacher plans, organises and implements a well-structured programme or a series of learning events; facilitates a learning programme;  designs, produces and/or adapts learning materials and additional learning resources (LTSM); produces, implements and evaluates assessment instruments, and profiles learners. The ALT performs all these activities for adult learners at Level 1. The Adult Literacy Teacher may work as an assistant to the Adult Education  Teacher. A qualified learner will be able to:Profile adult learners. Plan,  structure, implement and evaluate a learning programme for adult learners.Plan, implement and evaluate assessment for adult learners.

    Minimum Admission Requirements : An NQF Level 4 Qualification with Communication.

    Duration :  18 months full-time / 24 months part-time



    Horizontal Articulation:

    • Certificate: Education, Level 5, SAQA ID 61972.

    Vertical Articulation:

    • Advanced Certificate: Education, Level 6, SAQA ID 20473. 


    This qualification has been internationally benchmarked by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) against international countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Botswana.


    Registration at GEU complies of the following:

    1. GEU Application Form
    2. Certified Copy of ID
    3. Certified Copy of Highest Qualification
    4. Proof of Payment

    CASH PRICE = R 15,000         TERMS PRICE = R 18,000, Deposit R 6,000 and 12 x R1,000 monthly instalments



    Global Education Universe

    Bank : First National Bank - Cheque Account

    Acc No: 62 862 737 007 Code = 254405 Melrose Arch

    Reference: Your Name

    Proof of Payment: Email : 


    This qualification is made up of the following compulsory Knowledge and Practical Skill Modules:
    Knowledge Modules:
    • 341201001-KM-01, Fundamentals of Development Practice, at NQF Level 4, 25 Credits.
    • 341201001-KM-02, Fundamentals of Sociology of Developing Societies, at NQF Level 4, 12 Credits.
    • 341201001-KM-03, Fundamental Communication Practices, at NQF Level 4, 15 Credits.
      Total number of Credits for Knowledge Modules: 52.

      Practical Skill Modules:
    • 341201001-PM-01, Collect information regarding community development needs and strengths, at NQF Level 3, 11 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-02, Identify the relevant groups of beneficiaries and stakeholders, at NQF Level 3, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-03, Participate in collaborative community dialogues and engagements, at NQF Level 4, 3 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-04, Report progress and status of data collection to supervisor, at NQF Level 4, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-05, Execute own personal development, at NQF Level 3, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-06, Support the process of facilitating meetings and forums, at NQF Level 4, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-07, Arrange and communicate logistics for forums and meetings/events, at NQF Level 3, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-08, Mobilise community support for identified initiatives, at NQF Level 4, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-09, Record the minutes of community development forums and meetings, at NQF Level 4, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-10, Communicate the outcomes of forums and meetings to stakeholders, at NQF Level 4, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-11, Provide relevant and clear community development information to stakeholders, at NQF Level 4, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-12, Establish, mobilise and maintain community participation and support, at NQF Level 4, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-13, Support the identification of capacity building needs and the delivery of capacity building initiatives to community members, at NQF Level 4, 2 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-14, Support intervention initiatives within communities, at NQF Level 4, 6 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-15, Support the integration of community wellbeing indicators, at NQF Level 4, 4 Credits.
    • 341201001-PM-16, Support alignment with legislative and policy frameworks relevant to the initiatives, at NQF Level 4, 4 Credits.
      Total number of Credits for Practical Skill Modules: 50.

      This qualification also requires the following Work Experience Modules:
    • 341201001-WM-01, Exposure to information collection in rural, urban, inner city or peri-urban community settings, at NQF Level 3, 16 Credits.
    • 341201001-WM-02, Exposure to the coordination of a full range of community forums and meetings, at NQF Level 3, 12 Credits.
    • 341201001-WM-03, Exposure to the operations of formal and informal structures, at NQF Level 4, 8 Credits.
    • 341201001-WM-04, Exposure to community capacity building processes, at NQF Level 4, 12 Credits.
      Total number of Credits for Work Experience Modules: 48. 
R18 000,00 Regular Price
R15 000,00Sale Price
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