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The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as an Early Childhood Development Practitioner, SAQA ID - 97542, NQF 4 with 131 credits.

An Early Childhood Development Practitioner plans and prepares early childhood activities, facilitates and mediates learning, observes and assesses the progress of children, and reflects on learning in an inclusive, play-based environment to support holistic development of children (from conception - school going) in different centre-based or non-centre based settings.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare broad-phase learning environment and stimulating activities that meet the holistic needs of all children in centre-based or non-centre-based settings.
  • Facilitate and mediate all aspects of the daily programme in a centre-based or non-centre based setting.
  • Observe, assess and record each child's progress according to the age and stage.
  • Compile a report of each child's progress.
  • Maintain and promote the well-being, health, nutrition, safety and protection of children.



    The Occupational Certificate: Early Childhood Development has been designed to meet the needs and interests of the early childhood development sector in a variety of settings and contexts with an inclusive focus on education, health and safety issues, amongst others. There is a vast need for early childhood development services and it is critical that the field must be served by competent practitioners. In order to meet the needs at early childhood development level, it is important to be able to identify and recognise competent early childhood development practitioners who are able to work in centre-based and non-centre-based early childhood development settings.

    This qualification will provide a means to give recognition to practitioners at an entry level, thus making it possible for practitioners to increase their employment prospects within the Department of Basic Education. The Department of Social Development, through the registration of early childhood development centres and/or sites, may also provide business opportunities to successful practitioners who may wish to establish early childhood centres and/or sites. It will also provide access to a recognised career path and at the same time provide the field with suitably qualified professional practitioners.

    The qualification will provide opportunities to people who wish to enter and/or continue learning in the early childhood development field, which include the employed, under-employed but not qualified, and school leavers. Every child has the right to high-quality, holistic education and care which forms the critical foundation for further development and learning from childhood into adulthood.

    This necessitates the universal availability of high-quality early childhood development and education as a vital strategy to yield personal and long-term benefits to individual children, their families and the society at large.

    Early childhood development is an essential component of economic development within the framework of child care services. Changing social and economic needs require parents to enter the labour market. Therefore quality early childhood development service provision is required to meet growing demands in the country, both in urban and rural settings. 


    Programme Purpose:

    The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as an Adult Literacy Teacher.An Adult Literacy Teacher plans, organises and implements a well-structured programme or a series of learning events; facilitates a learning programme;  designs, produces and/or adapts learning materials and additional learning resources (LTSM); produces, implements and evaluates assessment instruments, and profiles learners. The ALT performs all these activities for adult learners at Level 1. The Adult Literacy Teacher may work as an assistant to the Adult Education  Teacher. A qualified learner will be able to:Profile adult learners. Plan,  structure, implement and evaluate a learning programme for adult learners.Plan, implement and evaluate assessment for adult learners.

    Minimum Admission Requirements : An NQF Level 4 Qualification with Communication.

    Duration :  18 months full-time / 24 months part-time



    Horizontal Articulation:

    • Certificate: Education, Level 5, SAQA ID 61972.

    Vertical Articulation:

    • Advanced Certificate: Education, Level 6, SAQA ID 20473. 


    This qualification has been internationally benchmarked by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) against international countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Botswana.


    Registration at GEU complies of the following:

    1. GEU Application Form
    2. Certified Copy of ID
    3. Certified Copy of Highest Qualification
    4. Proof of Payment

    CASH PRICE = R 15,000         TERMS PRICE = R 13,500 , Deposit R 5,000 and 10 x R1,000 monthly instalments



    Global Education Universe

    Bank : First National Bank - Cheque Account

    Acc No: 62 862 737 007 Code = 254405 Melrose Arch

    Reference: Your Name

    Proof of Payment: Email : 


    • National Certificate Vocational (NCV) at NQF Level 3.
    • Any other NQF Level 3 qualification. 
R15 000,00 Regular Price
R13 500,00Sale Price
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