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The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Tourist Information Officer, SAQA ID - 101865, NQF 5 with 280 credits.

This learner will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a visitor information centre in popular tourist destinations throughout South Africa. The learner will assist with matters such as booking accommodation, arranging local tours and recommending restaurants and popular entertainment activities as well as providing travel, hospitality and accommodation information to tourists, distribute the correct brochures and sell souvenirs and prepare displays for the centre.

They will be able to promote and develop local tourism, and assess tourist opportunities for local communities. This learner will have good organisational skills combined with computer and administrative skills to make online reservations and also use a Central Reservation System (CRS). The learner will also be able to research and advise clients on specific domestic travel requests in order to compile an itinerary according to a set budget.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Compare attractions and destinations using knowledge of South Africa to advise tourists, visitors and local residents according to their needs.
  • Collate information to effectively sell tourism products and services.
  • Communicate effectively using appropriate methods to maintain effective customer relations according to organizational standards and customer service of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Coordinate and support office services and maintain information management systems to enhance the effective operations of the office.
  • Plan, co-ordinate and assist in the administration and setting up of exhibitions and special events.

    This qualification is a response to current legislation that states: Programmes offered to meet industry needs, including those supporting apprenticeships and N-Courses, are reviewed, updated and made available to and accessed by employers.

    The Travel and Tourism industry in South Africa is a growing industry that needs to provide the relevant skills and competencies to address the continuous growth in the tourism market. The growth in the industry is amongst others, resultant from South Africa's involvement in international business, conferencing, sports and other events as well as national and international accessing of South Africa as a tourism destination of choice, in particular for exposure to and experiencing its rich and diverse natural and cultural resources.

    Local and international tourists access and utilise products and services offered by the tourism industry. Travel serves as a facilitator to open access to trade and other opportunities to organisations that do business with both national and international organisations and this, in turn, creates opportunities for individuals in terms of both direct and indirect job opportunities and entrepreneurship.

    This qualification is designed to provide learners with skills which will enable them to work in a visitor information centre in popular tourist destinations throughout South Africa. In larger visitor centres, they may use online booking services to arrange travel, tours and accommodation for visitors. The Tourist Information Officer will generally need to be very familiar with the local area and its attractions.

    Tourist Information Officers use brochures, posters and guidebooks, as well as their own personal experiences, to make recommendations and answer tourists' questions. Entry into this occupation may be improved by obtaining an occupational qualification.

    The content of the qualification lays a foundation for learning and career progression that will enable the learner to enter other related qualifications such as Travel Consultant or grow towards more senior/managerial positions within the travel industry or develop entrepreneurial skills. 


    Programme Purpose:

    The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as an Adult Literacy Teacher.An Adult Literacy Teacher plans, organises and implements a well-structured programme or a series of learning events; facilitates a learning programme;  designs, produces and/or adapts learning materials and additional learning resources (LTSM); produces, implements and evaluates assessment instruments, and profiles learners. The ALT performs all these activities for adult learners at Level 1. The Adult Literacy Teacher may work as an assistant to the Adult Education  Teacher. A qualified learner will be able to:Profile adult learners. Plan,  structure, implement and evaluate a learning programme for adult learners.Plan, implement and evaluate assessment for adult learners.

    Minimum Admission Requirements : An NQF Level 4 Qualification with Communication.

    Duration :  18 months full-time / 24 months part-time



    Horizontal Articulation:

    • Certificate: Education, Level 5, SAQA ID 61972.

    Vertical Articulation:

    • Advanced Certificate: Education, Level 6, SAQA ID 20473. 


    This qualification has been internationally benchmarked by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) against international countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Botswana.


    Registration at GEU complies of the following:

    1. GEU Application Form
    2. Certified Copy of ID
    3. Certified Copy of Highest Qualification
    4. Proof of Payment

    CASH PRICE = R36,000         TERMS PRICE = R 39,000, Deposit R 9,000 and 24 x R1,250 monthly instalments



    Global Education Universe

    Bank : First National Bank - Cheque Account

    Acc No: 62 862 737 007 Code = 254405 Melrose Arch

    Reference: Your Name

    Proof of Payment: Email : 


    Level 4 with Communication. 

R39 000,00 Regular Price
R36 000,00Sale Price
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