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All human beings, independent of social status, age or sexual orientation, dream of finding love, and though some dream more than others, in the end most human beings will find love. This is the most basic part of what makes us human. That every person of sound mind and body has an undeniable longing for that primal experience is a foregone conclusion. It’s also an experience that can occur within any given day of a person’s life, and it’s an experience that changes us. Whether this day is a good day for finding love is not a foregone conclusion. Love and Lust are Different Feelings. It’s important to note that, while love and lust are different emotions, they can overlap. With respect to our current topic, what you are likely asking yourself is, “Am I in love, or am I just really horny?” Love is a strong feeling. When we are truly in love, we feel whole, complete, and well-suited for life. We feel like we’ve found our other half, and we are fully on the same wavelength with our significant other, even if it is only for a short time. While love is hard to define, there are several criteria that are common to nearly all definitions of love, such as compassion, devotion, commitment, and loyalty. If you’re in love with someone, you can sense it in their every move. You can sense when they’re falling for you. It’s impossible to ignore. You can’t fall out of love with someone you’re in love with. It’s impossible. This is why the whole “love hurts” cliché is a lie. While love does hurt, it does not hurt as much as the pain of loss. If you’re in love, you can’t help but feel pain when your love is lost. It’s unavoidable. It’s not always possible to be in love with someone we like. In the same way that you don’t have to like someone you are in love with, you don’t have to like someone you are in lust with. However, love is more than just the feeling; it’s a complex psychological and emotional experience, and when we are in lust we are missing a key piece of that emotional experience. Am I in Lust or in Love?



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Love Aaj Kal Full Movie Download 720p 12

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