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The Silence Of The Lambs: Critical Essays On A Cannibal, Clarice, And A Nice Chianti Downloads Torrent




.. but the all too real possibility of such a mystery... from a location that has received little attention in literary criticism: the home of the silent film. Mark Kearns *Leeds, England* On October 17, 1993, during a public television program, serial killer Ted Bundy kidnapped, a young mute prostitute. He bound her to a basement stairway, gagged her, and ritually tortured her in an attempt to determine whether she was a devil-worshipping, satanic witch. In the classic horror film The Silence of the Lambs, on the same date, the FBI--led by Clarice Starling, who is in charge of the serial killer unit--was called to investigate Bundy's crime scene. Bundy's plan to murder Ted Bundy had backfired--Bundy was the second. Ted Bundy's captor, now the object of Clarice Starling's professional interest, was a creature unlike anything in the horror genre:... It took Hannibal Lecter, one of the few films to capture the entire psychic, creative, and sexual fantasy world of a serial killer, to depict for the first time on the silver screen the full range of violent sexual psychopathology. The title of this important book refers to Hannibal Lecter, the psychopathic lawyer, villain, and culinary genius who is first introduced in The Silence of the Lambs.... In this book, Deidre Smith traces the impact of Ted Bundy's activities on the film.... She offers an interesting perspective, using the real-life case to illuminate not only the horror genre, but the other works of fiction and nonfiction related to serial murder. The work is organized into three parts. Part I, "The Supernatural in Film and Culture," opens with an outline of film theory, particularly its relationship to the study of the supernatural. It also analyzes the link between the supernatural and horror films and the link between the supernatural and crime films. I also examine the ways in which various horror film characters/actors, the devil, and gods have been used to represent various forms of social evil. This section examines how the supernatural is intertwined with the horror genre and the ways in which these connections help to explain the appeal of the supernatural. The section concludes with a brief examination of the persistence of the supernatural within contemporary culture. Part II, "The Supernatural in Film and Culture: A Closer Look," examines the ways in which the supernatural, in horror




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The Silence Of The Lambs: Critical Essays On A Cannibal, Clarice, And A Nice Chianti Downloads Torrent

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