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Create Your Own Private University in South Africa accredited by the Council on Higher Education & Registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training(DHET) & the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Accreditation can be achieved between 3-6 months from start. We save you time and money based on our 30 years private education professional experience.

Create Your Own Private University in SA

Get accredited with the Council on Higher Education+SAQA Registration

  • 99 hr
  • 575 000 South African rand
  • Meeting Venue

Service Description

With 30 years of professional experience in higher education, & a track record of more than 45 higher education (HE) academic qualifications that have been successfully accredited against the CHE Accreditation Criteria, Kay Naidu is well set as your professional consultant to position your educational institution into the HE arena in South Africa. Qualifications are accredited with the CHE, registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training. You can choose any fields of study at HE levels as Higher Certificates / Advanced Certificates / Diplomas and Degrees. The level of offering desired will vary from institution to institution and will be tailor-made to ensure that institution gets its foot into the door to offer HE qualifications in the SA Education Market. New & existing providers in the Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET) sector, are required to convince the CHE that you, together with your management team, the institution, its policies, processes and curriculum is equivalent or comparable to that of higher educational institutions e.g. Colleges / Universities in the SA Education System. Students studying at your institution must be able to obtain credits against higher level qualifications pursued at other HE institutions. E.g. Lets say you offer a Diploma in Teaching - on completion a student must be able to obtain credits against the Bachelor of Education Degree at a recognized SA University and only complete the outstanding modules to achieve the degree, as opposed to having to repeat common modules. Therefore, the core task of Kay Naidu is to transform and position your organisation both on paper and in reality to convince members of the CHE that you are fit to function in the HE sector with comparable qualifications both nationally & internationally. THE PROCESS Process = CHE + DHET + SAQA. The process can take 6-12 months depending. -we are known to achieve this in 4-6 months. PRICE 2 HE Programs – any field = R 400K cash, R 445K terms, 4 Programs = R 500 K cash, R 545 K terms, 6 Program = R 600 K cash, R 645K terms. Subscribe below to stay informed and also subscribe to Private Education in SA (YouTube) - A 30-45 minute virtual or face-to-face meeting is recommended for interested persons.

Contact Details


Unit 6 154 Bluebell Way, Brackenfell North, Cape Town, South Africa

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