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The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) was established in 2009 when the former Department of Education was divided into two sections: Basic Education and Higher Education and Training.  DHET Mandate The mandate of the new Department included aspects of skills development which had previously resided in the Department of Labour.  The new Department was specifically established to focus on post-school education and training holistically and has extended its scope of operations extensively.  DHET Vision Leading Post-School Education and Training for growth.  DHET Mission To provide national strategic leadership in support of the Post-School Education and Training system for improved quality of life of South Africans.  DHET Values The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) is committed to:  Integrity. Accountability. Committed. Responsiveness. Proactive behaviour. Continuous learning. Rationality. Team work. Emotional intelligence.  DHET Mandate DHET Constitutional Mandate Higher Education and Training derives its mandate from the supreme law of the Republic, the Constitution, within the purport of Section 29, read with schedule 4, which lists education at all levels, including tertiary education as a functional area of concurrent national and provincial legislative competence.   Education's Section 29 rights  Section 29 states:  1. Everyone has a right:  To a basic education, including adult basic education Further education, which the state, through reasonable measures, must make progressively available and accessible. 2.  Everyone has the right to receive education in the official language or language of their choice in public educational institutions where that education is reasonably practicable.  In order to ensure effective access to, and implementation of this right, the state must consider all reasonable educational alternatives, including single medium institutions, taking into account:  Equity Practicability The need to redress the results of past racially-discriminatory laws and practices. 3.  Everyone has the right to establish and maintain, at their own expense, independent educational institutions that:  Do not discriminate on the basis of race Are registered with the state Maintain standards that are not inferior to standards at comparable public educational institutions.

Dept. of Higher Education & Training Reg

Register your College with DHET

  • 60 hr
  • 89 000 South African rand
  • 154 Bluebell Way, Brackenfell North, Western Cape

Service Description

Registration as a private college in South Africa with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) is a legal requirement. Under previous legislation, private colleges that were accredited with the various SETA's were not required to register with the DHET. Amended legislation confirms that all SETA based qualifications will expire on 30 June 2023. This now means that all private colleges must register with the DHET which serves as a licence to operate. Registration with the DHET is normally granted on a 7-year cycle. The process with registration for the DHET is quite complex and can be extremely time-consuming especially for the first-timers. The DHET has a formal application process in place which needs to be accompanied by various supporting documents and annexures such as business plans, strategic plans, surety agreements, fidelity fund guarantees, CIPC and SARS Tax Clearance Certificates, Occupational Health and Safety Audit Reports, Business Registration Certificates, Accreditation Confirmation, Institutional Capacity, Monitoring & Evaluation, Inter-Institutional Agreements, Student Prospectus, Academic Calendar, Brochures, Enrolment Forms, Student Contracts, Rules and Regulations, Foreign Applications etc. For first-timers and new college providers, this registration process can take between 18-36 months delaying the start date/opening date of your private college. Securing our professional services which have a 30-year track record confirms that we can achieve this process much faster by submitting a quality application that is approved the first time around with no come-backs. Therefore if you don't have experience in college registration, you are encouraged to engage our professional services since we are quite sure that you will save 4-5 times the amount that you will be paying us to achieve this on your behalf. The full price is R 89K cash & R 99K on terms (2 months). Interested - contact Kay Naidu on 083 456 5270 or email Subscribe to this channel in our Private Education Forum on this website so that you stay abreast of the latest and up to date changes/developments in private education in South Africa. Also subscribe to our Private Education in South Africa on YouTube and watch the national education information videos on:

Contact Details

  • 154 Bluebell Way, Brackenfell North, Cape Town, South Africa

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