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According to statistics published in 2019 on the website South African Market Insights, less than 2 000 independent schools in the country cater to just over 400 000 students. This means that the potential student base versus the availability of private schools is a situation of where demand far outstrips supply. Therefore, the South African private school market is deemed very lucrative over the next 6-8 years especially for new private schools offering superior services at competitive prices.

Open a Private School in South Africa

Private School Demand far Outstrips Supply in SA

  • 99 hr
  • 325 000 South African rand
  • 154 Bluebell Way, Brackenfell North, Western Cape

Service Description

The demand for private school education in South Africa far outstrips supply, and this is most prevalent in multiple provinces such as KZN, E&W Cape, Limpopo, Mpumulanga and the Gauteng Province, although there is a deemed national shortage of private schools. The millions of immigrants that cross our borders annually just adds to an already worsening problem in terms of national education capacity. The South African National Qualifications Framework and the flavour of South African Qualifications is of particular prestige to citizens on the African Continent. Hence the Gauteng Province is literally flooded with immigrants from upper Africa and this holds especially true for students wanting to study. A perusal of all the private schools confirm existing student registrations at maximum capacities and is usually accompanied by a waiting list of new applications for registration for the future enrolment period. Budding and savvy entrepreneurs wanting to make solid profits with a guaranteed business model should use this opportunity to make inroads into this sector before it becomes saturated. Want to run your own private school - look no further. If you have a property that is duly zoned for EDUCATION with a Health and Safety Audit Certificate, Fire Certificate & CIPC Company + Tax Clearance, then you are all set to go, together with our professional expertise in accreditation and registration of private schools with the South African Educational Authorities. I Was I Is I Am is a professional educational and management consultancy firm that has over 32 years of professional experience in private education in South Africa. Our range of experience spans across all ETQA's like the Umalusi Council, the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations, The SETA's, the Council on Higher Education and the Department of Higher Education and Training. Registration with the Gauteng Department of Education is part of our guarantee - all we need are the requirements stated above plus a committed owner / CEO who will take leadership of the school. The process takes between 3-5 months from start therefore applicants submissions this year, are likely to commence a school-based business next year. The full price is R 325K cash & R 365K on terms (3 months). Interested - contact Kay Naidu on 083 456 5270 or email Subscribe to this channel & our Private Education in South Africa on Youtube

Contact Details

  • 154 Bluebell Way, Brackenfell North, Cape Town, South Africa


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